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Koh Larn ~ Exploring Thailand’s Coral Island

We had been in Thailand for less than a week and already lost track of time, including what day it was.  I suppose that is the goal of any successful vacation, and this one had exceeded my expectations in nearly every way.  It was our third or fourth day, and the topic of visiting the island had been planned prior to leaving home.  Under the shelter of another open air, tin-roofed building our little group made an impromptu decision to visit the island of Koh Larn.  It was still early in our trip, but the pattern of hazy, spontaneous decisions was quickly taking hold.  Even on vacation, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Continue reading Koh Larn ~ Exploring Thailand’s Coral Island

An evening at the Methodist Church with Sabrina Butler.

When you have a reputation of being curious and open to documenting just about anything, it certainly provides opportunities that would otherwise not be accessible.  And I certainly appreciate the opportunities, as most of my unexpected and often unconventional opportunities have been informative and interesting.  These moments also serve as a reminder that it is easy for us to remain unaware of the much larger world around us.  For some there is comfort in remaining unaware.  For others, remaining unaware is a discomforting feeling they equate to perceived ignorance.

The point of this particular story is not to discuss civil activism and responsibility, or to debate how each of us should measure our relative involvement in public policy.  Having said that, I hope this story does make each of us at least somewhat more inclined to be cognizant of events that reflect our social conscience.  Our legal system should reflect our collective preferences and acceptable levels of tolerance for personal conduct, while at the same time demonstrating our collective interest, and willingness, to undertake whatever efforts are necessary to uncover and establish the truth, however inconvienient that truth may be to our stated objective of true, effective justice. Continue reading An evening at the Methodist Church with Sabrina Butler.