Sunset on the Port of Stockton

Originally opened in 1933, the Port of Stockton’s northern bank is today mostly abandoned.   But what remains is an interesting mix of buildings in various states of disrepair, standing alongside those on the verge of imminent collapse.  And it is for these reasons that the place is immensely fascinating to walk through, particularly if your walk coincides with sunset.  .

Walking through the area one evening, I was struck by the contrast of our immediate surroundings against that of a nearby yacht club.  Fortunes of the past were made all along this river bank, I thought, and today’s fortunes are being purged just upstream from where I stood.  My mind quickly engaged in an attempt to link these contrasts together, to somehow construct from my surroundings a window for glimpsing back into history.  Ultimately my sense of mystery prevailed, so I continued walking, sifting through the shadows for the past.

~ Castaway

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