Vertical Boarding


“The single greatest feeling in the world is to land the trick that you have been fighting to land. The second greatest feeling is bailing because you can only get better.”

~ James Gallagher


D.T. was again roaming the streets practicing his street photography when he came across a group of young skateboarders (visit D.T.’s site here).  For over an hour the skaterboarders performed various jumps, stunts and tricks unique to the sport.


Two of the young skaters, Henry and Sire, were particularly adventourous and seemed to revel in pushing the envelope.  Apparently the garbage cans and rails did not provide the vertical challenge Henry was looking for, so he next stacked a pallet atop the cans, rolled his board to the ramp and took flight.  Within seconds Henry had succesfully cleared in excess of five feet, and made it look easy.

Henry and Sire both have been skateboarding for years, and have steadily improved their skills “ever since we were kids,” says Henry.  As D.T. watched them skillfully and comfortably perform, their time on the skateboard was obvious.

Walks such as this are often a reminder of what we too frequently forget as we pursue the business of day-to-day living.  Maybe there is more we can learn from the young people than what we realize.

And what we learn is that it’s probably okay to take a moment – every once in awhile – to pursue what it is we enjoy, what we feel passionate about.  Perhaps feelings of selfishness will attempt to distract us, to derail our enjoyment.  Ignore these and enjoy the moment.  Upon returning to reality we are often better for the experience, and better to those who share our company.

~ Castaway

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