World Photowalk Day

I recently participated in the World Photowalk event for our area.  Worldwide, nearly 32,000 participants annually take part in over 1,300 walks.  After reading these numbers on the Photowalk web-site, I was surprised on the morning of the event to find that only six would be sharing our respective walk.  It would be easy to say I was disappointed with the low turnout, however, considering I live in a smaller community and nearly an hour away from the nearest tourist attraction, I suppose this is to be expected.

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International Heritage Festival, Modesto, CA

Mexiccan Dancers

On October 6th the 21st annual International Heritage Festival took place in Modesto, California.  It’s an event that I wish to have, and should have attended.  Allowing myself to remain buried, i.e., distracted, by other work meant that I failed to monitor event calenders.  So while I worked and remained comfortably oblivious, the 21st Annual Heritage Festival slipped into the history books without me ever knowing otherwise.  It’s a lesson learned, and reminder to always remain cognizant of those “must attend” events that are both informative and entertaining. Continue reading International Heritage Festival, Modesto, CA

Warm Lights over Bitter Wine

A few months ago, while standing in a grocery store check-out line, I listened on as an older gentleman ranted loudly and at length to his unfortunate cashier, espousing his colorful version of world events and political preferences.  I will say that I’m not the type of person to find these types of commentary offensive.  Everybody has their respective opinions and – hopefully – reasons for having them.  What I did find interesting, and incredibly rude, was that this gentleman thought it appropriate to speak his mind in a grocery store check-out line, where anyone within the adjacent five or six lines had no choice but to hear him. Continue reading Warm Lights over Bitter Wine

Koh Larn ~ Exploring Thailand’s Coral Island

We had been in Thailand for less than a week and already lost track of time, including what day it was.  I suppose that is the goal of any successful vacation, and this one had exceeded my expectations in nearly every way.  It was our third or fourth day, and the topic of visiting the island had been planned prior to leaving home.  Under the shelter of another open air, tin-roofed building our little group made an impromptu decision to visit the island of Koh Larn.  It was still early in our trip, but the pattern of hazy, spontaneous decisions was quickly taking hold.  Even on vacation, necessity is indeed the mother of invention. Continue reading Koh Larn ~ Exploring Thailand’s Coral Island