Random Pix – Angkor Thom

Approaching the western gate to Angkor Thom, Cambodia.

Angkor Thom – “Great City” – ancient capitol city of the Khmer empire.


Hedging against Momentum

It is difficult to categorically measure change within the context of a lifetime.  Of course exceptions to this can be made, however for most of us the day-to-day business of living is entirely effective at obscuring any indication of time’s continuance to flow quietly through our fingers. Few things in life are so elusive.  Sometimes we need to clinch our fists and hold the moment, savor it, and reflect upon its significance before letting it slip from our grasp.

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Vertical Boarding


“The single greatest feeling in the world is to land the trick that you have been fighting to land. The second greatest feeling is bailing because you can only get better.”

~ James Gallagher


D.T. was again roaming the streets practicing his street photography when he came across a group of young skateboarders (visit D.T.’s site here).  For over an hour the skaterboarders performed various jumps, stunts and tricks unique to the sport.


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