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African-American Women’s Health Forum


“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.



“The goal of this forum is to bring together health and mental health providers and administrators, policy makers, African American women and youth, church leaders, and other interested individuals to begin a meaningful conversation about current health concerns impacting the community and to develop strategies to improve the health status of African Americans in Merced County.”

–  An Invitation  –  First African American Women’s Health Forum

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World Photowalk Day

I recently participated in the World Photowalk event for our area.  Worldwide, nearly 32,000 participants annually take part in over 1,300 walks.  After reading these numbers on the Photowalk web-site, I was surprised on the morning of the event to find that only six would be sharing our respective walk.  It would be easy to say I was disappointed with the low turnout, however, considering I live in a smaller community and nearly an hour away from the nearest tourist attraction, I suppose this is to be expected.

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International Heritage Festival, Modesto, CA

Mexiccan Dancers

On October 6th the 21st annual International Heritage Festival took place in Modesto, California.  It’s an event that I wish to have, and should have attended.  Allowing myself to remain buried, i.e., distracted, by other work meant that I failed to monitor event calenders.  So while I worked and remained comfortably oblivious, the 21st Annual Heritage Festival slipped into the history books without me ever knowing otherwise.  It’s a lesson learned, and reminder to always remain cognizant of those “must attend” events that are both informative and entertaining. Continue reading International Heritage Festival, Modesto, CA

An evening at the Methodist Church with Sabrina Butler.

When you have a reputation of being curious and open to documenting just about anything, it certainly provides opportunities that would otherwise not be accessible.  And I certainly appreciate the opportunities, as most of my unexpected and often unconventional opportunities have been informative and interesting.  These moments also serve as a reminder that it is easy for us to remain unaware of the much larger world around us.  For some there is comfort in remaining unaware.  For others, remaining unaware is a discomforting feeling they equate to perceived ignorance.

The point of this particular story is not to discuss civil activism and responsibility, or to debate how each of us should measure our relative involvement in public policy.  Having said that, I hope this story does make each of us at least somewhat more inclined to be cognizant of events that reflect our social conscience.  Our legal system should reflect our collective preferences and acceptable levels of tolerance for personal conduct, while at the same time demonstrating our collective interest, and willingness, to undertake whatever efforts are necessary to uncover and establish the truth, however inconvienient that truth may be to our stated objective of true, effective justice. Continue reading An evening at the Methodist Church with Sabrina Butler.