Chillin’ – with the crowd – at Rick’s Cafe’

Sunset at Rick's

So I captured a few shots at Rick’s Café in Negril, Jamaica.  Yes, the sunsets are a few clicks beyond amazing.  So is diving from cliffs into emerald water so clear that attempting to explain it, well, just sounds cliché.  And to compare this all-too-well-known establishment to other areas of Jamaica doesn’t do the island true justice.  You see, Rick’s is not a representative sample of the country as a whole, but is instead the epitome of ‘tourist trap.’  This became all too evident as the crowds rolled in by the dozens in the count down which preceded a most spectacular Caribbean sunset.

Rick's flagsAnd the real irony is that we had a terrific time while there.  Established in 1974, Rick did himself and his patrons a real favor by claiming this phenomenal piece of rock jutting ever so seductively into the Caribbean.  Spending any time there quickly reveals its charms.  After all, there is allot to like about enjoying a few drinks while chatting with new friends and listening to live Reggae music, all illuminated by a glowing sunset reflecting off an ocean too beautiful for words.

So yeah, we got entirely caught up in the moment.  And in the interest of total disclosure, I’ll admit that if ever we are in the vicinity of Negril sometime in our future, we’ll stop in to witness another of those indescribable sunsets.  Perhaps I’ll indulge in another dive from the cliffs, dance barefoot in the sand with my sweetheart, and enjoy another dish of over-priced fish tacos capped off by a Red Stripe.

Yeah, that would be good.

~ Castaway

Rick's silhouette

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