Future Projects, Stories, etc.

A project I’ll title “Grunts” is in the near future.  The title is a term coined in the military for the guys in the trenches.  Something I hold close is a belief that the “average” working guy – if such a phrase can be applied – will always survive.  This, I believe from personal experience, is a quality not shared by those removed and insulated from the daily activities which are necessary to keep the world functioning as we know it.  I look forward to sharing thoughts and observations, and perhaps some video interviews if I can arrange schedules.


I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a local group putting together a project on the local homeless population.  My goal is to create a data base to assist in supporting local efforts in addressing this issue, and to inform those who live in the community of this fringe sector of the population.  Once the project is complete I will publish a story on this site.


I was able to complete the story about the 60’s psychedelic rock band, The Doors.  It’s a terrific story and, in my opinion, so very symbolic of that time in history and the disconnect of ideologies that continues to this day.  Trouble is, and it’s a good problem to have I suppose, the story took a few unexpected turns along the way, so I have another angle to take before I’m finished with this journey back into the decade of experimentation and pot-heads.


I have at least one additional story from Thailand and Cambodia. It is basically our experiences during our 2011 trip to Thailand and Cambodia, which was essentially a continuation of my earlier trip to the region.

It is truly a beautiful and interesting corner of the world, and after my first trip in 2008 I became borderline obsessed about returning.  The obsession has waned a bit, but the desire for a return trip has not diminished at all.


I’ve also been fortunate enough in the past several years to visit New Orleans on two occasions.  I love this city!  I have two separate stories, each quite different than the other, which is what I love about this area of the country.  It’s a very unique blend of cultures, which suits me just perfectly.  I’ll be working on the final story between now and the first of the year.


I am continuing to build the Photography page.


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