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Samoan Dancer


It was the sound that first drew me in, entirely different and unique from anything else I would hear that day.  I was attending a heritage festival not far from my home this past weekend, wanting to find a distraction from the normal routine, to shift the paradigm, to quell rumblings of the mundane.  And though I wasn’t entirely successful, what I did confirm is that it’s time to distance myself from the comfort of what I’ve come to consider normal.  I’m not complaining.  It’s a good problem to have.

It’s been a busy and curious several weeks.  Almost surreal, you might say.  Yet it’s a signal that major changes are coming, whether I’m ready for them or not.  And I am indeed ready.  I rolled past that milestone so long ago that it’s now a faint memory.  Suffice it to say I’m finding it easy to look forward.

Life tends to ebb and flow.  An uncomfortable moment can seem like hours, yet it provides the ideal counter-measure for occasions of euphoria we would otherwise scarcely remember.  Similarly, it’s easy to justify a long period of unsettling experiences as paying one’s dues, but rationalizing events to make peace with them hardly warrants the behaviors of those displaying unsavory character.  But it does make for an intriguing, dynamic and interesting world, even if on occasion we must attempt to grapple with the unjust.

I’ll be viewing the world through the eyes of someone I’ve not met, but nevertheless look forward to meeting.  Having to grind through a series of tough experiences certainly provides us a new perspective on the world, and undoubtedly those we share it with.  But where would we be without those experiences, and how do we differentiate between the merely good and the grand without first knowing when and how to take measure?

My perspective has changed many times during my lifetime.  Life necessitates it.  And each occurrence traces its impetus to an experience which preceded a series of events, influencing decisions and impacting outcomes, good and bad, as I acted upon what I perceived.  Life has many lessons, and I’m anxious to learn more as I see the world through new eyes, experiencing what a change in perspective has to share with me.

For now I’ll be taking a short hop out of town, seeking a jump start on a new experience I’ve been craving, and one that is long overdue.  A tropical island sounds nice.  Perhaps the change in geography and clarity of emerald waters will coincide on cue, pulling down the guard, releasing the soul of someone I’d almost forgotten.

I look forward to getting reacquainted with an old friend.

~ Castaway

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