I’ve started collecting some of my favorite and more important videos that will soon accompany select stories posted on my blog.  To my surprise, quite frankly, I’ve discovered that more than a few of my stories could have been enhanced with the inclusion of video.  So, we evolve and move forward.  I’m excited to learn a new skill-set and look forward to another creative opportunity.

I’ll keep you posted……….

~ Castaway


Youth I Can is a local non-profit organization that works with at-risk youth in the community.  Kelly, the founder and president of the organization, is an amazing woman with unbelievable energy and passion for “her kids” and the services she provides.  It was a pleasure putting together these promotional videos of her and the youth she works with.  Check ’em out.



A short video I included in the story “Venice Beach Jam Session.”   An impromptu session captured on a pocket-sized point-n-shoot.  A fun day in an area I hope to return to very soon.


Here’s a short clip I used as part of a larger story on the International Heritage Festival, and that I included in my short story, “It’s just change ~ Welcome.”


Ek Ballum is a Mayan ruin located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.  It’s an interesting and wonderful part of the world.  I put together some photos and video captured during a recent trip to the area and, as time allows, will try and do it justice by piecing a story together.


Montego Bay is the arrival and departure point for most visitors when traveling to Jamaica.  We spent a few days there while on a recent trip to the Caribbean, and enjoyed being entertained by Marshall while walking through a park bordering the bay.  Here’s a short clip of our visit with Marshall, and one I included in my story, “First Impressions.”